BoysDance Magazine No.4
BoysDance Magazine No.4

BoysDance Magazine No.4




In this issue:

Featured dancer - Nicholas Bustos, a 12-year-old boy dancer from the USA. Nicholas is a multitalented dancer. He trains under the direction of Angel Armas and Victor Smalley at Stars Dance Company in Miami, FL. Nicholas has won many national dance awards including 1st place at Universal Ballet Competition, 2nd place at YAGP, and 1st place and title at Starpower, Legacy, PrimeTime and Star Systems. In the future, Nicholas aspires to tour with a dance company and one day open his own dance studio.

There are also five other outstanding boy dancers from Australia, Canada, and the USA featured in the magazine.

We are thrilled to present amazing Julianna D’Agati as the featured dance photographer of the issue. Both Julianna and Nicholas have worked hard to create a fantastic cover photo for the issue.

The back cover model is a cute 7-year-old boy dancer Brendan Schroeder (USA). Read the heartbreaking story of Brendan and his mom fighting autism and achieving life-balance through dance therapy.


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