Odessa Regional Philharmonic
Odessa Regional Philharmonic

Odessa Regional Philharmonic


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The Odessa Regional Philharmonic Society takes its rightful place among the most significant concert organizations in Ukraine. Every year she acquaints her listeners with the works of world musical culture, with bright creations of the modern Ukrainian and world music scene.

The predecessor of the Philharmonic Society was the Odessa Philharmonic Society, created in 1842. It included not only musicians, but also famous city figures, writers, and military men. The society gave charitable concerts and provided material support to aspiring artists. In the 1940s, the Wieniawski brothers performed here, six concerts were given by the great composer, pianist and conductor Ferenc Liszt. Since 1925 at the Odessa Philharmonic Society, concerts of symphonic music began to be held. In 1929 the Philharmonic Society was formed.

Odessa Philharmonic Society was founded in 1931.


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