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The Gio.Fran.Baby was established in 2001 from an idea by Giovanni Catapano who, thanks to his family's tradition going back to 1990, decided to create a new distribution in the kids' clothing industry dedicated to a target from 0 to 16 years. Relying upon research and product quality, the Company has stood out immediately and irresistibly on the market. Gio.Fran.Baby has had a rapid and effective growth and today it distributes and produces the Fun&Fun brand throughout Italy and in many European and Extra-European Countries.

The Fun&Fun brand's project includes important product's contents which allow it acquiring a specific character and being successful on the national and foreign markets. The creation of actual collections has been a fundamental starting point to improve and strengthen the brand's image also thanks to its attendance to the Pitti Bimbo in Florence. The brand has improved over the years: style and quality products have enabled Fun&Fun to draw the attention of public, who have appreciated the peculiarities and features of this innovative product.WW

So a new phase has begun: Fun&Fun was promptly distributed to the most prestigious Italian boutiques and partnerships with some of its best customers were created establishing dedicated corners and, at the same time, setting the bases to open franchise single-brand shops. Meantime, the Company has built a skilful management to support Giovanni Catapano in starting a solid structure able to distribute the brand at an international level. At present Fun&Fun has more than 1,000 sales points in Italy and abroad: in Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Arabian Emirates, Morocco, in addition to Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States.

Fun&Fun interprets tastefully a fresh and rascal style which transfers joy and amusement. The brand includes three different product lines: Neonato (infant), Baby, Girls and Boys dedicated to the respective age groups. The strong points of Fun&Fun style are the attention to details, the use of refined and precious accessories and a suitable use of colours which makes Fun&Fun bold and brilliant. Graphic and delicate motifs are the expression of the Neonato and Baby lines, whilst fresher and more modern prints characterise the Girl line and trendy and bold designs the Boys line.


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