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A few years ago, a then 11 year old girl named Chance Colette, who was born and raised with her toes in the sand and heart in the California Sun, set out on a mission to better suit the Swimwear needs of today’s Tween- and Teen Girls.

Chance and her mom created “Chance Loves Swimwear”, which has become a global brand in just a few short years. Together they design the collections with fun patterns and flattering styles, offering girls of all shapes and sizes just about every possibility under the Sun.

If Chance isn’t modeling the line herself, her friends are, while she’s helping her photographer mom with styling, and making sure everyone’s having a great time.

Even though Chance is busy with school and sports, she loves being actively involved with every aspect of her brand, and makes sure she finds the time to do so.

She has also taken an interest in ways to help the environment, and giving back to society. She is currently figuring out all the avenues she can- and wants to explore through her business, and will announce it soon.
Chance earned her name by taking chances on the things she loves. And when it comes to this new line, she knows you’ll love it, too.


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