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Deborah Soriano launched Submarine in 1993, shortly after her daughter Alexis was born. As a native Sao Paulo transplant with swimwear engraved in her DNA, Soriano eventually moved to Miami and was unable to find a beachwear look she could identify with in the US. Naturally, her group of Latin mom friends felt the same way. And so began her journey—Deborah would travel back and forth from Brazil to Miami, importing different bikini brands back to the states to sell to her friends, neighbors, and small boutiques. When demand escalated and word of mouth continued to spread, she decided to launch Submarine.

Over the years, Submarine has evolved to adapt to the American market, while still maintaining the tropical Brazilian vibe and sophisticated look that was integral to the brand’s vision. The swimwear is UV50, with exclusive digital prints designed by the brand, along with intricate embroideries, beading and details unique to each suit.

Submarine’s primary markets include the US, Middle East, Asia and South America.


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